Tuesday Health Professionals Call

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The Health Professionals Call (HPC) provides new insight into important ways that we can take care of ourselves.

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  • Tuesday Health Professionals Call: 6pm pst, 7pm mst, 8pm cst, 9pm est
    • Call In: 530-881-1300 then 396855#
    • Recording 530-881-1399 then 396855#
Listen to the Health Professional Call Recording Online (updates are typically posted by 10am mst the day following the call)
  • Listen to the May 26 call via this link.
    Special Guest: David Stretanski
    - a fitness/health coach and a long distance runner. He is a certified ChiRunning¨/ChiWalking¨ Master Instructor and experienced in principles of efficient, injury-free mobility. After transforming his own fitness and overall health, David now shares these principles with others through private sessions, seminars, workshops, retreats and online resources. He also utilizes these approaches in his own personal fitness goals that include consistently training and participating at the Marathon and Ultra-Marathon level. To date he has completed over 25 Marathons and Ultra-Marathons. David also promotes healthy, balanced nutrition and lifestyle which of course includes ASEA - the world's first and only redox signaling supplement..
  • Listen to the May 19 call via this link.
    Special Guest: Drs Joe and Pilar Labriola
    Drs Joe and Pilar Labriola are chiropractors in the northern NJ area with a combined 26 years of practice experience between the two of them. ĘTheir clinic specialty is in advanced biostructural correction of the spine. ĘThey have a multitude of different modalities in their clinic to aid in overall health, including nutrition, weight loss, functional medicine, acupuncture and massage therapy. ĘThey have been involved with ASEA since January of 2012 and use it as the single common denominator for all of their patients regardless of the type of treatment being rendered.
And some "Best of" Vision Calls
  • Dr Dick Walker
    Senior ER Physician, currently practicing at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane, WA for 35 years. Double Board Certified as an Internist. Masters Degree In Preventative Medicine and Environmental Health Athlete at Heart, Dick has also climbed Many Mountains around the world including Mt. Everest and enjoys cycling.
    Owns an Alpaca Ranch with his wife Nancy.